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in the way a pumpkin rots

in the way a pumpkin rots
from the inside out
pulp soft and weak
thick orange walls caving
in upon itself

such is my girl putting on her makeup slowly just inches from a mirror seeing only
more spots to cover

such is my girl
put out on a curb
thick skin unaware



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untitled 2-1 (when love becomes a stranger)

night blind
she sits achingly slow
next to the body

every wall shadow
watches as shoulders
on two wrists, bend

the form senses
the weight but stirs
only one eye.

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loneliness is a brick mason

alone means
that they all pile up
like so many November leaves
harbingers each
of skeletal limbs left cold
like a rug dirty with the
piling up of days
that creep shadowy down
the brick hall —

a heart beats faint with
prescience that for now
the art is safe.

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