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i am rain drops

i am rain

drops. how so definitively

i collapse into a puddle

only to rebound skyward. have you ever

seen rain in this incredible dance?

i fall, i rise, fall again.

my skin expands in ever increasing waves

before settling into a universe

quietly dying in the exact same way.


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absorb the sky

here, it rains
for days at at time,
the drops, they
form a blanket
i pull it close, over my nose,

earth wet trees wet scent, deeply primal
we all
(green and skin)
absorb the sky.


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journal excerpt "rainy day thoughts/river rock"

Mixing it up today with a random journal excerpt – this is where the previous haiku “i am a river stone” came from (sort of)… enjoy this little peek into my demented little diary.

“whatever do we do with these rainy day thoughts? saw a mystery bird today, black and white and a parrot face, puffin perhaps? cat saw many active ghosts tonight, head went bobbing side to side to side to side, her ears pricked up. riding my bike through the humid wet pavement city perfumed with that intoxicating smell of bread dough in Fells Point, i think suddenly… i am a river rock.”

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poetry to remember in the rain

a selection to fit my mood…..

To Alexi Murdoch

A Small Girl in the Rain

the re-reading of the Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock

Portrait of Baltimore on Rainy Day Rush Hour


a lost young man

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rainy days depress indoor flowers

red gerber blossom
looks forlorn with face
pressed against a half-open blind
petals bend resigned
to a window blurry with rain
watching puddles
twitching with annoyance.

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rainy day poetry

try a search on “rain” and see what you get……. it drips its way into so many of my poems….

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