Week 2 of Furlough Begins

Time and its relativity are clear now.

The animals and I keep a same schedule, and like them,

I believe I still matter. Hours are meaningful

Although they carry no cash.


Instead of colleagues, I converse with a cold front.

Clouds dash by at a pace I

Don’t know. Underneath, fears lap like

a flooding creek. I let them go;

tossing pieces of grass with gravity.


Time is stretched by gratitude.

I no longer rush. Let’s throw a ball

for the dog. I choose my adventures and

look up when I like.

There is space to expand and contract. To be.

We are now our own universe.


Tomorrow, a concept, just out of reach.

layoffs in a recession

In a hush hush hush
doors closing all around
static anxiety takes a seat down and waits….

Some unnoticed take
boxes with them so soundlessly
it seems a magician’s disappearing act, poof!

Those felt grey walls
left staring into a distance still
crackling with the laughter of better times.