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First time asleep

the first time i slept with him,
that sleep unafraid, mouth open,
not worried about drool or how my
cheeks fold and stack unattractive, i
felt like i had stepped out of
my skin, unzipped, truly naked
for the first time, thinking you’ve
never seen me before until now, you’ve
never realized how i would
lie awake waiting until your breath
cascaded slower, until your own
mouth fell aside, your soft snore my
signal: all clear to close your eyes.

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single in the summer

You, girl, are preoccupied
with the way heat from an afternoon sidewalk
steams your bare thighs. You let
thunder bang around in the empty
cavity of your day-dreamin mind.

Forget what they sold you.

Love is not a hot dress, a polished spoon,
a bleak expectation, 

It is a moment you’ll never own;
a long-awaited rain slipping into dirt,
or how you can silently lean
into a Miles Davis’ horn 
sounding a single humid and final note.

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400 posts! 400 poems!

i’ve hit 400. who would ever have thought – wonder how high the count will go…. i guess as long as you readers keep reading, i’ll keep writing!

some good “remember when” types…

Remembering Spring Break 2002

Benson’s Market Then and Now

The Goodbye Party (John Macky of the Old Baltimore Colts)

Feel Alive

…and in the spirit of remember… remember to leave me comments when the mood strikes! thank your all!


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post 301~!!!

I’ve made it over 300!!! WOW!

I almost hate to post a re-run but it’s the holidays and I’m just not ready to post anything new right now. Plus I’ve started getting ready for NYE but thinking about all that’s changed in a year. With that in mind:

Skyline Relief in a Passing Train

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