Week 2 of Furlough Begins

Time and its relativity are clear now.

The animals and I keep a same schedule, and like them,

I believe I still matter. Hours are meaningful

Although they carry no cash.


Instead of colleagues, I converse with a cold front.

Clouds dash by at a pace I

Don’t know. Underneath, fears lap like

a flooding creek. I let them go;

tossing pieces of grass with gravity.


Time is stretched by gratitude.

I no longer rush. Let’s throw a ball

for the dog. I choose my adventures and

look up when I like.

There is space to expand and contract. To be.

We are now our own universe.


Tomorrow, a concept, just out of reach.

on unemployment (revised)

I slide low down into my chair.

Looking at the phone Looking at the phone Looking at the phone …

              Out my window, rain drops jump the asphalt alive, rain
              Pours so hard my world greys into one large cloud
              Shimmer and sliding freely. Trees shake and shudder.

Phone lies so still. I am
Waiting on the call Waiting on the call Waiting on the call Waiting on the call Waiting


doll face leathered brown
with rosy streaks of blush
so jarring
as she holds her coffee
absent hand to smooth hair
pulled back
i hear her say to me –
fifteen years on the street
and in january

she smiles, sips,
feeling warm.