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First time asleep

the first time i slept with him,
that sleep unafraid, mouth open,
not worried about drool or how my
cheeks fold and stack unattractive, i
felt like i had stepped out of
my skin, unzipped, truly naked
for the first time, thinking you’ve
never seen me before until now, you’ve
never realized how i would
lie awake waiting until your breath
cascaded slower, until your own
mouth fell aside, your soft snore my
signal: all clear to close your eyes.


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single in the summer

You, girl, are preoccupied
with the way heat from an afternoon sidewalk
steams your bare thighs. You let
thunder bang around in the empty
cavity of your day-dreamin mind.

Forget what they sold you.

Love is not a hot dress, a polished spoon,
a bleak expectation, 

It is a moment you’ll never own;
a long-awaited rain slipping into dirt,
or how you can silently lean
into a Miles Davis’ horn 
sounding a single humid and final note.

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in the way a pumpkin rots

in the way a pumpkin rots
from the inside out
pulp soft and weak
thick orange walls caving
in upon itself

such is my girl putting on her makeup slowly just inches from a mirror seeing only
more spots to cover

such is my girl
put out on a curb
thick skin unaware


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Book of Etiquette – Take 2

let’s take a look at one posted some time ago called “Book of Etiquette

thoughts? has anyone read this book? better yet, read and followed it? hehe.
enjoy the evening! poetry will be back as soon as i dig out of work………….

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We, with long fingers and
deft movements,
tame freshly washed hair
into three equal parts.

Without thought,
strands become one,
twisting over and
over to fall gently down
a smooth bare back

in the mirror,
we turn, preening-
smooth the sides
stroke the length of braid.
Ghostly generations
nod approval.


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she, undone swan,

into view
wearing heels, clearly hair
teeters to the
brick walk edge, how a black
in one swift
lurch chokes down a fish
clasps hands
disappears from view.

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untitled (rain drops like first born girls)

the rain forms a veil for
my mourners

even the streetlights bow
orange tears

down to the harbor like the
first borns

who, for their sex, are set free
down river

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