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Backbones unfurled

In the east we paint
rebelliously, our backbones
Unfurled. Trains, unaware
Hum low tones “I’m here,
I’m here.”



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victory letters (2)

above in steel it
is ws g90 cs/b
it’s granular and upside down.
it means nothing to me, this me
head thrown back,
headache pinching one side.
florescent lighting affects the metal
and creates a ripple effect
i start to see patterns
numbers – letters – squares.
i notice the ws repeat
i see the secret messages and the meaning
is pinching my brain.
my neck stiffens
but i don’t look away.
the world relies on my ability
to decipher the code

soon the walls will fall to the side
and before the darkness
i will rise in victory.

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florescent light

florescent light
oh the longer i stare at you

the more the cubicles in front me
and jive

     does anyone else
     feel that they’ve already died?

floating above it all
like a florescent light

incandescent orbit
of an out of body zealot
reticent under duress.

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grass is always greener

all it takes:
one soft ocean wave
one swift approaching storm
one sandy toe
one face leaned back

it’s enough,
those dark brown eyes
one quick glance
one wrong word
one minute alone

one single
flutter of the belly
is enough to…

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the girl to dust

will “they” say
the calm is what
killed her?

was the quiet lack
what turned the
blood to sludge
the brain to mush…

what turned
the girl to dust?

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smoke break

standing alone
outside the office
smoke lingers from
previous breaks
head leaned back
to the sun and
across the way
someone is sailing

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A Book to Read While Looking for Work (featured essay)

Check out my new essay on E. B. White and my own unemployment journey – featured on Better Living Through Beowulf:

A Book to Read

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