victory letters (2)

above in steel it
is ws g90 cs/b
it’s granular and upside down.
it means nothing to me, this me
head thrown back,
headache pinching one side.
florescent lighting affects the metal
and creates a ripple effect
i start to see patterns
numbers – letters – squares.
i notice the ws repeat
i see the secret messages and the meaning
is pinching my brain.
my neck stiffens
but i don’t look away.
the world relies on my ability
to decipher the code

soon the walls will fall to the side
and before the darkness
i will rise in victory.

high heel shoes

high heel shoes
scattered across my floor,
I used to hate that height
but now I buy them
taller taller…

I like the feeling of
a head held high
I am who you imagine
on this new road
you see me
walking tall,
hips swaying,
lips glossy,

yet it fades when I return
empty the suitcase, scatter
heels across the floor…