Written right after college, after my introduction to the corporate world. I did have some terrible insomnia then due in part to my friends who played some great music late at night. And well, we all know us Geminis have those split personalities…BTW, check out Susan Miller (astrology zone) if you are into horoscopes.


I have The Verve on headphones
and a bottle of tap water
dressed as Evian
and a loose fitting cardigan that
might be my mother’s. My daylight
look is un-glamour. My smile is wide.
My corporate mind works only hard enough
to avoid boredom. I see
my outlook as partly sunny considering
these co-workers who laugh
and schedule happy hour drinks.

Days turn to nights;
I carry on with my
habitual insomnia.

I have two crinkled dollars
in cobblestone Fells and
wonder what
dark fishnet freaks think of me. One time
they yelled prophetically,
“where you going?” and I didn’t reply.
Yet, I hear the night crickets
and I chirp with them to the Horse
for a surreal scene of bebop cool; an
irrational scene of lost legs
doomed to be tired in the morning
but glad for it.

In star-read, tousled dreams,
we discover the meaning
inherent in the two.

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