never mix hawking and kerouac and coffee

is it
the Jeff Buckley or the Hawking?
or the coffee or the Kerouac?
making my mind
alight brighter than the pregnancy
of a rain sky
seeing clearer all these
coffee shop signs marketing to me:
billboards singing,
you should have
come over”

what is it about
Mondays? is it space time
or caffeine
saying to me
if you could do it again
you would ~
and don’t believe it otherwise.

people come,
they go,
outside to smoke
while I wait with my books.

I heard in a movie of
a man
eating an ice cream cone
for every book he finished reading ~
and he became fat.

is it the Kerouac
or the Hawking?
is it the tedious reliving of
a day
after a day

each is the same. but either way,
the grey sky is bright
and alight
with the heaving breast of


  1. jlcosta says:

    i would do it again~ i would. apologies for the typo if you read this earlier…. jc

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is so well done.

  3. Jody Costa says:

    Thank you Anon 🙂

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