Pen on paper. Sometimes I curse learning
those 26, curse that pen on paper.
If you say I’m a writer, I’ll slap you.
Just smelling that pen on paper
makes me queasy, makes my hands shake.
Don’t trust anyone claiming to write original.
Blame the alphabet, blame the ego that
all us opposable thumbs possess, just
don’t trust words on paper.
The narrator lies. The pen knows only one path.
It’s all been done before; there are only so many
combinations possible.


  1. Linda says:

    Yes, doesn't it seem that way so often? How to say something old somehow new? Great poem capturing the writer's dilemma! peace, linda

  2. Jody Costa says:

    thank you Linda~ as a writer i'm always torn. the more i read, the harder it gets to imagine that anything i do or say is original. but, maybe that's the point. maybe the point is staying human….

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