crabcakes with the living

i laid my twin sister
of 87 years
to rest
in a humid mausoleum
fans churning stale air
stirring my white hair
the pastor speaking:
twins have a special bond
the Lord is with you.

i feel her
squeeze my hand and
no one notices.

Oh Marie! Oh Marie…

i watch the coffin blessed,
say goodbye to my husband,
(also waiting)
and leave
to go eat crabcakes
with the living.


  1. Brian Miller says:

    whew…def stirring of emotion in this…the squeezing of the hand…but i must tell you i would rather a crab cake with the living any day…smiles…actually right now i would rather a crab cake anywhere…been a while…

  2. Jody Costa says:

    Thanks Brian~ you're a lovely pub host 🙂 And crab cakes on me next time you are in Bmore!

  3. Beachanny says:

    Oh miss Baltimore crab cakes..I lived there when I delivered my boys. It's a vibrant and stirring metaphor for choosing life and seizing the moment. Even in grief, one has to arc the things that stop us and carry on with as much courage as we can muster. Loved this.

  4. Jody Costa says:

    Thanks for the note Beachanny! Appreciate the feedback!

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