coming home from the beach (impossible)

i left the ocean
crashing pulling, so
oblivious, and i
dragged my wreck of
salt and hair and
said goodbye to the
grains and shells
the jellies,
surfers skaters punk kids
drove out thinking, one
child builds a fortress and
guards it with her life
while the other runs
with knowledge that high
tides will always win…
left driving
with “flashback weather classic rock”
and tried to set in motion:
the impossible comes to life.


  1. Tom Kepler says:

    I like “my wreck of salt and life”…

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Couldn't find an email address anywhere, so thought I'd comment here.

    I read your poems on Every Day Poets and especially liked the Lucy poem. Delicate and evocative.

    Hope to keep in touch: tomkeplerwriting12 (at)

  2. Jody Costa says:

    Thank you Tom! Much appreciated…and I'll be sure to get that email address up! For those reading: jcosta717 (at) hotmail dot com. Cheers!

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