love lost (never had)

love lost (and never had)
reappeared in a dream
the same car my driving hand
pounding nervous on the leather
of the steering wheel
while the other
twirled with your left in air
-the space between, unspoken-
fingers of each folding
over again and again
palms pressed and teased
together apart together

until you leave, step outside into
a space of darkness
and i double over myself
in the wrenching realization.


  1. Cricket Man says:

    I like the poem but the second line I think might be better saying “the same car my driving hand pounding nervous on the leather” possibly changing the my to (the same car driving my hand, pounding nervously on the leather)
    I love that you took a small act of holding hands and really showed how love can transpire in the smallest actions, why were they only holding hands, were they kids or a old couple embracing love again after a long time apart, I love that this is open ended and visual. It did take me several reads to get to the heart of it, for some reason the cadence breaks in the writing for me and I got lost in the poem.
    Then after reading it 3 or 4 times it all came together for me and I could see the whole picture.

  2. Jody says:

    Cricket Man ~ thank you! This is exceptional feedback and I truly appreciate it. I do try to find the small details but often write so fast, that the cadence can suffer. I appreciate the thoughts and will take another look at this piece. Glad you enjoyed it, and glad to have you as a reader!!

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