red bull and vodka

twitch sip long
draw through a thin
straw twitch
glance the club over
like suited man
lip praises women
flaunting red
twitch sip
hip swagger walk
to the bar as the pull
like a purr purr
this kitty city needs
a sip smack more


  1. Bobby Ty says:


    insouciant on
    flat plastic keys

    sanskrit on LED
    'cn u come out

    say the things
    his lips never would

    to a mistress

    (I don't know why red bull and vodka made me think of this)

  2. Jody Costa says:

    love it!!!!! muse says- do you have more for me to read? i could use a guest blogger!

  3. Bobby Ty says:

    No! Nothing more….

    I've never written any poetry before! Hell, I don't know my 'sonnets' from my 'dactylic pentameter'… I think there's a Far Side cartoon in that last line involving three Professors of English Lit….

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