October [a poem by my great-grandmother]

Thought it was time to feature Alice B. Johnson, my great-grandmother again with a rather “timely” piece….from her book, Where Children Live (1958). enjoy —


October always casts a magic spell
Upon me — I should know, too well,
What nature’s autumn wine
Will do to hearts like mine —
My lagging feet will, somehow, stray
Through dusty leaves, my heart will stay
Beside bright goldenrod
And where pink asters nod.

My steps will pause beside a zinnia bed,
Flaunting heads of orange and of red,
With maple leaves a sheet,
Blanketing their feet —
Melancholy days? Not these!
When nuts fall from the walnut trees,
Must busy squirrels remind me, too,
That I have housecleaning to do?

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