Ripples (i dreamt i saw you drown)

she shook him hard in his blankets
“i was dreaming –
i saw you drown”
she breathed hard, continued,

“the haze blurred
our overgrown backyard
the humidity oppressing
the few purple wildflowers and
the strange cat beneath the willow
we walked to the river.
you yelled for a swim but i couldn’t–
leaving fast for the fire
burning our old family photographs
our memories, our life,
so i blew out the flames and
i … i couldn’t see you
the sky was thundering dark
the waves devoured the shore
it was then i saw your eyes
you didn’t smile as you sank –
i was trapped on the shore – then i woke.
i… i had to tell you.”

she took a deep breath, waiting
but he had rolled over
snoring waves beneath ripples of
a blue-green quilt.

[circa 2002, maybe]

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