view from an airplane

What causes us to
Whole lives spent harried, hurried,
I too have always felt
To get to this point yet
I’m not old enough yet
To understand why
Look at the cars in traffic
Snaking their way to and from
In a steady stream
Rushing, rushing
Unaware of this view.


  1. Bobby Ty says:

    On the occasional ride I sit folded up into a window seat, I like to look for people outside on the ground as the plane comes for a landing. You wouldn't believe how rare it is to see someone outside walking to a car or across a yard or into a building in the light industrial zones that surround most airports….

    Then I think about their weather… Seventy degrees and fluorescent…

  2. Jody Costa says:

    my face is always plastered to the window – this morning the sun light was just amazing as it lit up the Chesapeake from the inside… glad to have you back in the comment section! one of these days- a true guest post will become mandatory.

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