Red Lemonade & the future of publishing (cursor – Richard Nash)

Hi Readers!
Breaking from poetry today to link to Richard Nash’s new (important) publishing project, Red Lemonade. Why – because it’s ambitious, exciting, and, hopefully, inspiring! More below…

From the ABOUT: Red Lemonade is a publishing community of fiction and highly narrative non-fiction. We avoid labeling what we do but it tends to be risky, socially charged, misbehaving stuff. Red Lemonade is for the writers other publishers are afraid of.
But Red Lemonade is also a pilot for a massively ambitious adventure, to create a new platform (part webapp, part business process) for independent publishing, combining the best of editorial judgment and publicity moxie with community input into acquisition and promotion, and combining the tradition publisher/retailer process with digital publishing and limited editions. That’s called Cursor and that’s the platform powering Red Lemonade.

From founder Richard Nash: “We don’t pretend to have all the answers but we’re going to organize and contend with the important questions: How do we avail of our collective intelligence to make better publishing decisions? How do we provide mentorship and advice while avoiding cronyism? How do we harness the power of the gifted editor? How do we unlock more of the great value books create in our society, so that we can all afford to write and read better?”

WORTHY! Check it out today –


  1. LeahJ.Lynn says:

    I will look more into the links. Tahnks

  2. Jody Costa says:

    Absolutely – this is the type of innovation that publishing needs! I'm so thrilled!

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