awakened house (Alice B. Johnson)

The house was strangely still —
Forgotten for so long —
Until we gave it laughter
And a child’s gay song.

Tall weeds grew in the yard;
We dug them all away
And, bathed in summer sun,
Roses bloomed today.

How nice it must have seemed
For rooms to come awake
And smell, instead of dust,
A baking angel cake.

Had we not passed this way,
We never would have known
The way a house can smile
With folks to call its own.

[Taken from “Where Children Live” by my great-grandmother Alice B. Johnson, 1958]

2 thoughts on “awakened house (Alice B. Johnson)

  1. What beauty the mind can perform, when pictures they do take.

    Reading this poem caused my idea of the idyllic home to create within my imagination.

    Thankyou for sharing a well constructed poem that brought a little peace to an hectic day.

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