airport blues (if it was you)

drinking real chocolate milk and it settles into my bones with
a sweet sigh.

everyone around me is in such a hurry; they race to another day,
like its just another flight.

i thought i just saw your face but it was another in a hat in an airport
far from home.

if it was you,
you were booking another flight without saying hello or goodbye.
If it was you,
i guess i would let you go and prepare for another restless sleep…

i would be the one
you’d watch who constantly searches, trying to figure out why everyone is in
such a hurry.

if it was you,
you’re finally out of sight and i can stop straining my neck to see the face
that isn’t you.

decadent memories rot teeth. here we go now. hurry up and leave.

(circa 2002 in sketch journal form)

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