tequila stream of consciousness (2003 – a ballerina)

all this travel
and the world slips
back in line with
splintered dock where the black waves
lap close to my splintered feet
and crash just a bit white and
a few feet below me
[you aren’t there]
but one man tried to kiss, hold and grab
before i shoved and clawed
and ran on splintered toes
tippy toeing and ballerina-like
jumping back in the sky
you would say
i was drunk again
tequila shots and beer
muddling up what was meant to be
and not.
how in my mind
i would see myself a dancer
behind a curtain
black dark curtain sky
in my mind
i’m the pretty “can’t take your eyes off”
woman, not girl,
but again all this travel
and lack of sleep
makes me crazy
look at how the sand
reminds me to
take shoes off. lay softly still.
forget about you.

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