taking a few days off

Be back on Thur! hope to have lots of new poetry then! ciao – j


  1. Bobby Ty says:

    San Francisco and The Blue Soap

    When I bathe
    With the blue soap
    And I smell it's crisp aroma
    I remember you lying, half covered with the sheet in the Kimpton
    While I showered
    And your inked arms and unfinished back were a tapestry

    And we went to Boboquivari on Lombard
    You reclining beautiful in the Taxi
    Your head on my lap
    And the driver told us of Milk and Twinkies on Lombard
    But we were too young to remember the event
    And we walked on the Pier and you said
    “Listen to the seals!” as they barked and splashed, unseen in the black water
    When I bathe with the blue soap
    I remember only you
    I remember only San Francisco

  2. Bobby Ty says:

    its not 'it's'… gah…

    Hey JC! Just had this in my head and had to get it out…

  3. Jody Costa says:

    i loved this and hope you don't mind that i just posted 🙂

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