from pupil to widening pupil

and the wolf man looks in my direction and
we share a conversation through our eyes
the way it is when you have oceans to cross
before morning the way light takes its sweet time
from pupil to widening pupil and i know you’re
with her but the possibilities linger like so many
silent proclamations of could it be that love comes
in so many ways? could it be that we in another time
would have been queen and king of this rotten
bar this rotten dirt patch that clings to our rooted feet……


  1. from pupil to widening pupil, wonderful use of emotive imagery. There's a real sense of personality which gives it your own style too.

  2. So powerful expression of love's possibility, dashed beyond one's control. The passionate flame of your ardor radiates fromneach word. Its mysterious image of the wolf man haunting the background…

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