Congrats to my hometown heroes: The Baltimore Ravens

I just want to relive the moment again.
Ravens win!
Streets filling, dancing and chanting in a flurry of snowy excitement,
beads bouncing around my shoulders,
a beer here, a purple shot there…

and every time they mention Baltimore from that confetti-filled dome
a swell of noise …

Relive the highs of every touchdown and anxiety of
“don’t let this slip away, man don’t let it slip away”

Relive 4 seconds giving way to
strangers high fiving, hugging,
all of us family in a city
known for grit and determination and connectedness as much as violence,
yes, we have a chip on our shoulder, yes we think the world is out to get us,
and yes,
last night… we were ON TOP OF THE WORLD.

believe in yourself
is the lesson

all drenched in a beautiful sea of purple.

(author is in the middle – we’re number 1!)

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