Kiss My Hip Bones

Kiss my hip bones if
you want to know me.
Stubborn mouth, a lack
of venture grounds you.

Hip bones are grave lovers.
If you kiss mine, you’ll
taste certain ash and stars
promised again, so soon.


  1. Bobby Ty says:


    I am a bright moon
    Circling above your beauty
    Captured by your pull

    I’ve never written a ‘decent’ haiku before, demi-Muse but I wrote this thinking of someone important in my life and I wondered if you had any feedback.

    (Secretly stalking the blog about every week now :))

    Miss you!

    1. Miss you too my friend and I love, love! May i repost? Would love to chat more about this and life ~ come, find me.

      1. Bobby Ty says:

        Of course you may! (it was a busy june) I’ll give you a shout. We need to catch up.

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