leopards and their spots

(sun rises)

don’t ask
the sun to change its course. everyone knows
the east wins the morning,
west dictates the night.
don’t pine for a
brand new shirt, or a new
route home. don’t beg to erase lines,
they are carbon-dated.

(next day, sun rises)

my father and mother know this. my sister too.
a small child shakes her head with a laugh,
so elementary.

(next day, sun rises)

a leopard
loves his spots; he sits smugly in his tree,
licking a paw absently.
everyone knows this.

(next day, sun rises)


  1. John Crutcher says:

    Brava. Also brave. To publish is to make public – our words, our emotions, our thoughts, sometimes even glimmers of our souls.


    1. Thank you so so much! Great to hear from you!

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