Slipping Away in Revelries (It’s all a dream)

Here’s the beautiful thing about
this dream we live together across
time, space, generations
(you do realize it’s all a dream, don’t you?)
we hold souvenirs from our trips and don’t realize it:
a ring that i wear,
and you wore, and she wore,
before another wore,
i don’t know what it looked like but
i assume we all have the same
long fingers thin to set it.
a framed sketch of Young Eve,
an antique chair (i reupholstered in green)
how i feel us all sit down at once
with our dreamy books perfuming our small room,
together slipping away in revelries
specific to our own moments in time.
isn’t it amazing to travel infinitely this way,
and others will join us later too,
Come along now~

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