"Forever Young" tribute to Trayvon Martin in Baltimore

look how we became the stars themselves!

each hand waving to a sound
rocketing through our bones
    rain fell
      people sang
stadium a solar system
vocal chords straining and the only
fissure that of time:
youth-summer-black-white all orbiting an encore.

[from the Jay Z, Justin Timberlake concert last night in Baltimore – the song Forever Young, in tribute to Trayvon Martin, the entire stadium lit up with phones, the entire stadium singing along]

"Born at the Wrong Time"

wanted to take a look at one i posted back in the first days of this here blog 🙂 enjoy and have a great weekend. #readpoetry!

One summer, I saw a Texas-style Paul McCartney
in a dark mahogany leather coat
slurring to Bob Dylan’s “rainy day woman”
outside the full moon at a wrangler bonfire in

Last night, I saw a gray haired woman, four feet tall,
in full length tattered gown
swirling in her mess of beads
and her hands in the air like she was
summoning back
the 60’s.

I saw myself tripping on the old Baltimore cobblestones.
I saw myself drunk with Janis and having a grand old time.

lament the loss (when rain forms a widow’s veil)

when rain falls
in the nascent glow
of a streetlight,
it seems to wear a veil,
a widow’s gown

you and i
have felt the distance
between two knees
sitting too close

it’s taken its toll

the bells of the church
agree – and inside
The Beatles lament
the loss
and turn
defiantly –

those headlights in the rain.