HFStival 2004

[HFStivals were THE events in the DC/Baltimore area while I was in school, all thanks to the greatest alternative radio station that ever was, 99.1 WHFS (rip)]

Trade your aviator shades for
a Seattle radio station button during
Modest Mouse off-stage, grab a beer, and
settle down on a hill
next to greasy passed out bare legs,
and pick at French fries like sea gulls,
stumble off inside,
shoving through to the stadium floor
for a taste of mud mixed with beer mixed with weed
while you crowd surf and wipe-out.

We had such a buzz kickin cause it was 90 degrees and sunny.
We sweated body to body and our ears burned.

Collapse into a seat when night falls
and the sliver of a moon appears in the middle of the
open dome ceiling;
listen to the man with the black eyes and red lips
sing “i will always love you” with a gothic howl.

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