with headphones on

wrote this little piece during my first job out of college, sitting in a cubicle, working on a task…. actually “pre-iPod” but still relevant, maybe more so now. since I’m “working” on this Sat morning, I thought I’d post!

with headphones on

a lucid dream
where legs in blue jeans 501 walk by
in time to the drumbeat in my head
and the carpet has a twinkle
and the lights a wilder state of white, pulsing
one gray shirt circles and pirouettes
unaware of his own awkward grace just being
in a hurry
the music crescendos and although there are walls
i am not alone but with you
while something of a fevered world, those
conferences and committees, i see
him and her
move those fat cat lips
but there is no sound but me
hustle and bustle on by you world
i have my colorful Thelma and Louise escape
where my wheels are the heavy rhythm
and the sky is
my eyes filled with blues

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