like an 84-year old chord

gentle rub rub
of the dock
trees sway
oh that cityfied night sky,
all purple
and lit from within,

beyond that
one year dusted, it
shivers neon, reminding.
“Rusty Scupper

      when i had but
      change in my pocket
      when i had but
      blues on my side….

around, and out
B.B. King
and Lucille
“the thrill is gone
the thrill is gone away.”

then. clapping.

echoes the air like an
84-year old chord.

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  1. Jody Costa says:

    author note: went to pier 6 in baltimore md tonight to listen to bb king (i was one of the ones lining the docks to listen for free) and across from me a neon sign reflected and made me think about when i worked a year at the rusty scupper restaurant…. man i love the blues.

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