when he played "The Pretender"

blue crabs stroll
along the night surface
of water that before
looked just like
chocolate silk and
there is this girl,
she sits alone hood
to block the wind and
behind her two women
call woooo wooos
to Jackson Browne while
a man smokes solo
next to a prudish streetlight
the yellow beer guys
carry their loads and
there is this man
he mumbles as he walks
to work his second shift
and the boaters honk
horns in approval
holding hands and rocking
while a vast sea
sings along decades past.

[jackson browne played pier 6 in baltimore tonight.
http://www.ilike.com/artist/Jackson+Browne/track/The+Pretender ]


  1. I like the colors a lot in the poem..the blue crab and the chocolate silk and the yellow beer guys..very cinematic…a moveable feast..

  2. Jody Costa says:

    Thank you Francisco = I appreciate the feedback! It was a sumptuous scene 🙂

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