night crawler (the moon and people like me)

where darkness
leads a whiskey shot
with no chaser
claw the burn and the dizzy

where alone
with moans of an E minor
strokes my thin camisole
that dews see through with sweat

even the moon
is submissive on a Tuesday
settles for the blackout
spills out ‘cross the street

where the devil says
i am your sweet tooth baby
i am your lizard king
waste your days, feel whole again —



  1. Bobby Ty says:

    e minor… a major among the minors.

    why is it I feel so voyeuristic reading your thoughts? I need to shower…

    and this is my new favorite….

  2. Jody Costa says:

    ah who says they are always my thoughts— sometimes i like to get into other people's heads too! … although in this case

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