we’re never ready (i went to the piano)

When they told me
she had died,

I went to the piano.

by Chopin –
in the pained
stutter of
one who doesn’t
practice much.

Again, and again,
low D to high, hit the
bass chords steady,
decrescendo leading to a…
false note.

All the while thinking,
I should have practiced more.
I should have…


  1. Bobby Ty says:

    I heard this and thought of you…


  2. Jody Costa says:

    god that is beautiful – – that's all i have right now

  3. Bobby Ty says:

    Julia reminds me of Bjork. Only, not so annoyingly histrionic…

  4. Bobby Ty says:


    We get to say
    Those things we can't say
    Out loud

    We cowards
    We poets
    We don't say it

    Bluster and
    Bravado we “just wrote it that way”

    We mean it; can't say it



  5. Jody Costa says:

    would you allow me to repost this as a guest? would you like to use your commenting name? i really like it – reminds me of my poem “biggest secret of my life”….

  6. Bobby Ty says:

    Of course! Bobby Ty is fine 🙂 I'd be honored to be in such good company…

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