we’re never ready (i went to the piano)

When they told me
she had died,

I went to the piano.

by Chopin –
in the pained
stutter of
one who doesn’t
practice much.

Again, and again,
low D to high, hit the
bass chords steady,
decrescendo leading to a…
false note.

All the while thinking,
I should have practiced more.
I should have…


  1. Cowards

    We get to say
    Those things we can't say
    Out loud

    We cowards
    We poets
    We don't say it

    Bluster and
    Bravado we “just wrote it that way”

    We mean it; can't say it



  2. would you allow me to repost this as a guest? would you like to use your commenting name? i really like it – reminds me of my poem “biggest secret of my life”….

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